what is love

I hope this helps someone it helped me more then months of therapy

I've seen people do some horrible things in the name of "love" but none worse than staying with someone who is taking away their ability to love themselves.

That's not love. It's not even "like".

A lot of what you thought was love, was just him/her enjoying you..for the moment.

Yes, a man/woman can enjoy you without even liking you, much less, truly loving you.

He/she only enjoyed the version of you that didn't require reciprocity or hold him accountable, and that's where he showed it was never love.

Love looks to build you, not destroy you.

Love seeks to acknowledge your feelings, not invalidate them.

And love will inspire you to reach new levels of your best instead of further depths of your worst.

You can't get this from someone who hasn't learned to love themselves through the effort to evolve into a proper partner for the one they love.

Realizing this truth will set you free from the attachment to what was never meant for you.

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