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Red and White Ball in support of Harmony House

I have always dreamed of being able to give back and support for others in my community. Tonight I finally had the opportunity to start doing exactly that, while enjoying so fine food and company at the same time. Finally, I got the chance to strap on my heels and head out to the Royal Geographic Society overlooking the Ottawa River on Sussex. It felt so good to to be out in the world again. Mixing with people, experiencing the richness and beauty of life. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was shining and the sky clear. The event had the flavour of the life I have always wanted to live, refined and elegant surrounded by women that sparkled. These are the kinds of women I have always admired and strived to emulate. Caring, refined and giving women, women of substance and elegance. They were all so inspiring.

The venue itself was absolutely stunning, I loved the energy. They had the room decorated with fresh flowers everywhere, and we all received custom flower crowns. You could watch the river from floor to ceiling windows, and the place had a light airy and luxurious feeling. I loved it. That is my style.

The evening was also made special since I was there with a friend I had not seen since before COVID. She is one of those people that seems to know everyone. She was the one that sparked the realization that I deserved better in life, and that I could make it. She knew both my ex-husband and I. And though for a long time she had never said anything, she recognized that my marriage was extremely abusive. She has since said she didn't know how to approach the situation. It's always difficult to tell your friend her husband is a complete dick. But in the end it was the small comment from her one day, she looked intently into my eyes and said "he is not the shining star in your relationship". I cannot quite explain, but that was the beginning of my escape. It opened up the path for me to start recognizing my own worth. Up until then I had completely believed he was better and more worthy than me. I had never dreamed either that I could or ever would leave that relationship. It never occurred to me I could do better. It still took me three more years, but that moment that sparked my journey rediscovering my true sense of self.

Tonight we sat together, enjoying a night of elegance and the launching of a new phase of my life. The phase where I get to live according to my own desires and standards. It made me realize how far I have come, and how much things have changed. That woman that once sat in her chair, trapped by abuse, doesn't exist anymore. I don't even know who that was. Now I deserve to enjoy some of the finer things in life, and I am finally getting the opportunity to pursue that. I will never let any man hold me prisoner like that again.

The real goal tonight was to support Harmony House. I want to make giving a big part of my future. I have been searching for ways to do that, and this was my first opportunity. (and what a great opportunity it was) There are women out there right now fleeing abuse, both physical and emotional. I want to do my part. I also plan to volunteer at the shelter. I am looking forward to that opportunity to give back to the community that did so much for me. It seems I have come full circle but now I can give a hand up to someone that needs it. It does not take much to make a huge difference, I learned that first hand. Small gestures can lead to big very positive changes. Tonight really sparked so much for me, a reminder of what it is I am seeking for the rest of my life. I am so glad that now I am in a place that I can give instead of just take. I think I am finally emerging from my personal dark night of the soul.

One of the most extraordinary parts of the evening was the food. It was absolutely incredible. They had several talented chefs that each prepared delicious bites of cuisine. I experienced a level of flavour that I did not know existed. The artistry and attention to detail was impeccable. I realized I have been going to the wrong restaurants. It has sparked my desire to explore the world of truly amazing cuisine. From now on, I am not going to waste my time in mediocre restaurants, no more restaurant chains with non descript food. I want the experience. I am going to go to the places with chefs who are true artists.

My friend also told me she really enjoys going to cooking classes. I have attended a few myself, but after tonight I plan on full on exploring how to elevate my palate and learn how to create a few of these dishes. This experience made me realize how much is out there yet to be tasted. The world is out there, lets take a bite.

I also had the opportunity to give back by bidding on several items at their silent auction. I missed out on a couple great things, but I did score a few. I bought a massive acrylic painting, I have been searching for some original art for quite a while but it has always been out of my price range. I was able to have the winning bid tonight so finally I will be bringing a beautiful piece home. I am so excited. I also won some tickets for the National Arts Center and the National Art Gallery. And finally, the best thing, I won a professional family photo session so the kids and I will get a chance to get a beautiful family portrait. All of these things were things I wanted anyway, so the opportunity to get them while contributing was a bonus.

All and all it was a wonderful evening, I was so happy to get to attend. It was a complete success both for me, and for Harmony House. So with that, it time to get off to bed and get ready for another bright new day tomorrow.

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