Getting away to Tobermory

Updated: Aug 22

This last week has been an absolutely amazing experience. It was also a complete surprise. My dive buddy had made all the arrangements, booking the accommodations and planning things out, so I really had no idea what to expect. He has some ideas for next year as well. So I just sat back and was amazed by the whole thing. The kids were all there and it was a wonderful adventure for everyone. We swam into the Grotto, Flowerpot Island and just soaked in the ambiance. I also had the opportunity to experience some exceptional diving. Hanging out with my dive buddy was great too. The kids loved him, he is so chill. It's wonderful to be able to spend time with someone and they are not all tense and freaking out on you. You can just relax and enjoy the experience. I am returning home completely refreshed and excited to take on the world. This is why I took up diving. I am a massive history buff, and there is something about Shipwrecks that captivates me. My favorites are the old wooden schooners, and this one is amazing. Not to mention the enjoyment of overcoming the challenge of making such an advanced dive, which I thoroughly enjoyed, its also an extremely rewarding family activity. We now have three divers in the family, hopefully soon to be four. It is an opportunity to get together an explore. Hanging out with your kids over a 19th century shipwreck definitely creates core memories.

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